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Viagra helps not only men, but women as well; this shocking evidence was made by scientists from New Mexico University, USA. 98 women, who were attractive antidepressants, participated in the study. This assemble of medicaments reduced incurvation symptoms and are euphorigenic, but the side personalty include lowered libido and inability to have orgasm.

Those women took Viagra daily for 2 months. According to the results, 72% of them reportable that their sex life improved. Scientists believe that Viagra gist on women is similar to that on men, since the substance enhances blood line to the genitals. Nevertheless, scientists say women should not rush with purchasing the healthful substance since whatever large-scale clinical tests requirement to be done before we know the final answer about Viagra’s effect.



The prototypal prescription communication for women with a flagging libido could enter the market next year, and a second, related product strength not be farther behind.

Both hit testosterone finished the skin and are aimed at women who hit had their ovaries removed, feat them to go into menopause. (Although testosterone is intellection of as a male hormone, women's ovaries and endocrine glands display small amounts.) The resulting baritone testosterone levels are associated with attenuated sexual poverty — thus the new products' nickname: \"female Viagra.\"

Some observers are afraid that women who don't hit baritone testosterone but poverty to boost their sex drive will get prescriptions. Already, some doctors hit prescribed testosterone treatments approved only for men to postmenopausal women.

\"It does need to be emphasized that this is not a harmless drug in women,\" says endocrinologist physiologist Dobs of the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. Over time, unrestrained testosterone can advance to facial hair growth, deepening of the voice and another signs of masculinization in women, Dobs says.

Testosterone can't fix every causes of baritone libido in women, such as vaginal dryness or relationship problems. \"No digit drug has been found to be the miracle communication for men or women,\" Dobs says.

In a statement, binary Pharma CEO Jack Stover said \"credible estimates\" put the U.S. market for testosterone products for women at $1 1000000000 to $4 billion. The market for erectile dysfunction pills for men stands at $1.2 billion, says IMS Health. Expanded safety and effectiveness trials of its LibiGel are to begin next year, binary says.

Procter & Gamble, concern of Intrinsa, a testosterone patch that could hit the market next spring, says most 10 meg U.S. women hit gone finished preoperative menopause. A third hit baritone sexual desire, and half of that group are bothered by it, the company says.

That effectuation roughly 1.65 meg U.S. women strength be candidates for Intrinsa or LibiGel, but their inventors hit their eyes on a much bigger market: women who went finished natural menopause.

P&G spokeswoman Elaine Plummer says her company will present data most Intrinsa in naturally menopausal women at a meeting next month. And Lawrence Christian, evilness president of Antares, says he expects \"off label\" use of Intrinsa and Climestra by women who still hit their ovaries.